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Wabusk Air Charter Services

Wabusk Air is Moosonee's premier aircraft charter company serving Moosonee, Northern Ontario, the entire James Bay, Hudson's Bay region and beyond. Our fleet of renowned charter aircraft allow us to provide charter on-demand capabilities to such distant locations as Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet, Coral Harbour, Cape Dorset, Baker Lake, and of course Churchill Manitoba, "The Polar Bear Capital of the World". Wabusk Air will fly you and your company safely and comfortably almost any destination you desire.

Thinking of a true arctic adventure? Our charter aircraft can transport your friends and family all the way to the arctic circle quickly and efficiently.

Perhaps you're planning an excursion to Moosonee aboard the famous Polar Bear Express? While you're here why not book a short sightseeing flight to truly experience the vast wide open spaces typical of Canada's North.

Our extensive experience in catering to Northern exploration companies is what makes us a natural choice for operations in remote areas. Located in Moosonee Ontario at the end of the ONR rail line, Wabusk Air is ideally situated to help expedited freight customers reduce their shipping costs. Equipped with our own fleet of loaders, forklifts and 5 ton vans we provide all the logistics of transferring your expedited freight from rail directly to air. These transfer services are included with all our charter bookings.

Not only does our Moosonee location make us ideally situated for your expedited freight orders, but our abilities to operate out of unimproved gravel and ice strips as short as 1800ft make us a natural choice for expedited freight or crew change requirements.