Welcome To Wabusk Air

The pride of Moosonee!

About Wabusk Air, Inc.

Wabusk Air was founded in the mid 1990's with just one aircraft and one pilot. From these inauspicious beginnings the company has flourished in the competitive aircraft charter business by consistantly expanding operations and services each year to meet the demands of a growing number of customers. In lieu of expensive marketing strategies Wabusk Air has traditionally focussed on providing safe, efficient and courteous aircraft charter services to the region on a consistent basis and at an affordable price. The response was predictable; positive reviews spread quickly thoughout the region and before long the company was expanding. Today, Wabusk Air offers a fleet of well maintained, highly efficient aircraft, for charter services in a range of configurations including cargo, commuter, executive, medevac services and scheduled services.

Being centrally located in Moosonee has been one of the greatest keys to our sucess. Not only are we ideally situated geographically, but because ALL of our employees live and work in the region they have the opportunity to get to know our customers well and quite often discover themselves to be neighbours and friends. The importance of recruiting and retaining these quality personnel is an ongoing priority at Wabusk Air. We believe that safe flight operations in the James Bay region require experienced flight crews that also have the specialized skills and experience applicable to the area. This is why when hiring flight crews we choose pilots with high levels of flight experience and expertise from operating in Ontario's far north. Our pilots are then able to apply these qualities towards efficient and safe flight operations every day of the year.

Additionally, Wabusk Air has taken a leadership role in aviation safety by becoming one of the first operators of its type in the country to employ a Company Aviation Safety Officer on its staff. The Safety Officer's mandate prescribes an aviation safety philosophy that is precautionary rather than reactionary. With a sphere of influence that covers every aspect of company operations the Wabusk Air Company Aviation Safety Officer is the individual that pilots, ground crew and customers can turn to if they have any potential safety concerns.

With the right people and aircraft in place Wabusk Air offers limitless potential for our customers' travel needs. In the past year alone we've conducted thousands of flights and carried thousands of passengers safely to their desinations including places as far North as Iqaluit to as far South as Windsor and just about everywhere else in between. We look forward to continuing to expand and improve as much in the next decade as we have in our first eighteen years of service.